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Qube KeySmith

Qube KeySmith LogoQube KeySmith is a powerful and comprehensive web-based digital cinema key management and reporting system that was developed to meet real-world requirements. While retaining a high level of flexibility and ease-of-use, Qube KeySmith has comprehensive reporting capabilities, maintains all audit-trails and can enforce multi-point authorizations for all key requests.

  • Key components include the Content Database, Sites and Screens Database, Server Database, Content Key (KDM) Generation and Reporting
  • Qube KeySmith verifies the certificate chain so only devices from authorized manufacturers can be added
  • Multiple roles for users greatly increases the security and auditability of operations
  • Qube KeySmith can generate KDMs to both Interop and SMPTE standards
  • KDMs can be sent physically, via email or uploaded over ftp
  • Comprehensive KDM activity log can be generated for audit and billing purposes
  • Reports provide detailed information on a per-Composition, per-User and per-Site basis
  • Microsoft Windows Server x64 OS
  • Microsoft SQL Server with Internet Connector License

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