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QubeMaster Pro

Qube Master Pro LogoQubeMaster Pro is a uniquely flexible and powerful Digital Cinema encoding and packaging solution designed to integrate fully into the modern post environment. Taking advantage of today’s fastest multi-core processors, the Microsoft Windows based QubeMaster Pro software can work with the widest range of source material to pre-process, encode, encrypt and package content in one step at speeds that leave hardware-based encoding systems far behind. The deceptively simple user interface based on the DCI object model reveals an incredible amount of flexibility as one delves deeper into the system.

  • Hierarchy of Compositions, Reels and Track Files
  • Powerful pre-processing capabilities to work with any kind of source content
  • Crop, scale and add borders
  • 3D and 1D Lookup Tables (LUTs)
  • Allows crop, scale and add borders to the image
  • Flexible Color Space Conversion to and from XYZ
  • MXF JPEG2000 Interop and SMPTE Packages
  • optional MXF MPEG-2 Interop Packages
  • Combine multiple audio files with flexible channel assignments
  • Burn-in subtitling in 2D & 3D
  • Realtime previews of JPEG2000 Compositions in 2D and 3D to any display device

Current Release Version: QubeMaster Pro version – New version!

What's New:

We have added some new features that we hope will make your DCP creation workflow faster and more efficient. Here is a brief list of features:

  1. SMPTE DCP Support
  2. Closed caption support
  3. HFR support
  4. Multiple KDM support – generate KDMs for all certificates in a folder with a single click.
  5. KDM validity periods can be specified in hours and minutes and no restrictions are placed on start time validity.
  6. Reduced packaging time by supporting “HARDLINK” – package a DCP into the same folder containing the encoded mxfs without copying the files again.
  7. Import DCPs and KDMs through Drag-and-drop (no more Ingestion Controller!)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Vista™ based Workstation (Windows 7 x64 OS preferred)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or faster CPU (16-core Workstation with 2 x 3GHz Intel Nehalem CPUs preferred)
  • 2 GB RAM minimum (8 GB preferred)
  • 200MB available Storage, separate Media Storage
  • High-performance NVIDIA Graphics Adapter capable of a screen resolutionof 1280x1024 or higher (1920x1080 or 2048x1536 preferred).
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