About Us

Qube Cinema is a provider of end-to-end digital cinema technology and solutions. The company draws on decades of experience in cinema and provides a seamless digital environment for exhibitors, filmmakers and post-production companies with DCI compliant products that are flexible, reliable and cost-effective.

The Qube product line is well established globally, with about 7,000 installations across 48 countries so far and has digital cinema operations in 4,000 cinema screens across India which is almost 42% of Indian screens.

Qube Cinema has been a leading provider of technology in the film, video and audio domains and has pioneered several technology revolutions over the last three decades. The company was instrumental in bringing computer-based digital non-linear editing to India with Avid Technology, transforming the industry and forever changing the way Indian film and television programs were edited. The company subsequently brought digital cinema sound to India with DTS and helped Indian cinema leapfrog a generation, form mono sound directly to digital.


Introduced the concept of non-linear editing with Avid products into an industry which had never used computers before.

Introduced digital cinema sound with DTS and helped India leapfrog from mono sound directly to digital surround sound.

Introduced virtual set production with Orad and helped Indian television go on air with real news from virtual environments.

Demonstrated to the world of film sound, the potential to mix inside the virtual world of computers using Avid Pro Tools for the ultimate in creative flexibility.

Introduced Qube Digital Cinema, an end-to-end solution for mastering, distribution and exhibition of movies that vastly improved quality and consistency while offering improved economics to the industry.

Introduced centrally controlled, remotely played, patent protected networked digital cinema advertising with QCN.

Established Qube Digital Cinema in Europe and North America and introduced forensic watermarking and 3D playback capability in Qube Digital Cinema servers.

Created the first ever Indian concert film – Margazhi Raagam, distributed to movie theatres across the world.

Co-produced the first Indian feature that was fully digitally shot and released, Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru (Tamil).

Developed a cost-effective yet secure non-DCI 3D Digital Cinema Server and made stereoscopic digital cinema accessible to independent and regional filmmakers.

Brought single-server 4K 3D to giant screens in North America and achieved DCI compliance for the Qube XP-I Server and Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block.

Launched Moviebuff, an exhaustive movie database website and review aggregation platform designed with intuitiveness in mind.

Launched Justickets, the company’s next-gen movie ticketing website; Awarded the BSI certification for ISO 27001:2005 standards compliance across its entire digital cinema mastering, content management & licensing process; Launched KeySmith, the world’s first and only web service for digital cinema content key management.

KeySmith upgraded with numerous user interface improvements and many under-the-hood changes to include content delivery to theatres, apart from existing key management capabilities. Relaunched as Qube Wire. KeySmith Locker is now Qube Wire Desktop.