Social Commitment

At Qube Cinema, concern for the community and the coworkers is dictated by the heart. It goes beyond ‘what needs to be done’ to ‘what is the best that can be done’. At the very heart of our business lies the belief that if the community benefits and grows as a result of our contribution, then our business will thrive as well.

The caring starts with home, it includes the community in its time of need and ongoing development initiatives.

Internal initiatives

  • During the 25th year celebration of Qube Cinema, a scheme was launched to extend educational scholarships to the children of our support staff.
  • Children of employees have benefited from internships in the Company. Some have even moved onto joining the Company too.
  • During natural disasters like the Chennai Floods and Vardha cyclone financial help was extended to the people whose lives were disrupted to get back to their feet and repair their damaged homes.

Disaster Management and Relief Efforts

Qube and its employees have always come forward to support the community and provide relief efforts during natural disasters. Our Co-Founder, Jayendra Panchapakesan, set up Bhoomika Trust for disaster relief.

We have stepped in with both financial and manpower support whenever there has been a natural disaster across the country, be it the Lathur earthquake, Tsunami, or floods in Uttrakand, Assam, Bihar or Chennai. On many occasions the Chennai office has morphed into a control center for coordination activities and our employees have been at the heart of the action.

Community Initiatives

The Qube community initiatives are largely focused in the areas of health and education, working with reputed NGO. Whenever there is a need, the Company and our staff have stepped up to volunteer. Social consciousness at every level, that is at the heart of Qube.

The Banyan Logo Qube has supported The Banyan in its efforts to spread awareness on mental health by making advertising films for them, giving them corporate support and volunteer support for events.
SANKARA EYE FOUNDATION Logo The Sankara Eye Hospital required support to raise awareness and funds to take quality eye care to the masses. The Company helped them by making an advertisement film for them.
CANCER INSTITUTE (WIA) The Adyar Cancer Institute, has been doing ground breaking work in the area of cancer treatment for the underprivileged. Qube has extended its support by creating films to raise awareness about cancer treatment and a commemorative film on 100 years of the institute. Through its support for Mahesh Memorial Trust, a pediatric ward was built on the campus.
Bhoomika Trust Logo Qube has supported education initiative to the underprivileged and those affect by natural disasters, through Bhoomika Trust.