General FAQ's

The “Apply” button above each job posting takes you through the application process step-by-step, and you will be asked to fill in your personal contact details, educational background and work experience. You will be requested to attach your CV/resume.

If you have not applied with Qube via this system before, you will need to register with us. You can also register without applying here.

Once registered, please ensure that you upload your resume/CV as an attachment. If you would like to apply for more than one position at a time, there is no need to attach your CV again if it remains the same. We advise you to name the files for your CV / resume / cover letter in accordance with the title of the job you have applied to. If you delete a document, it will also be deleted from any previously sent applications.

If you have not applied with Qube via this system before, you will need to register with us. You can also register without applying here.

Once registered in the system, you can create a ‘Candidate Profile’ which holds the relevant information regarding your application, as well as future job applications (i.e. qualifications, education etc...). You will then have the choice of adding your profile to our candidate pool.

Registering your profile in the candidate pool will make your Candidate Profile available to all relevant job opening within Qube. By releasing your profile, you are agreeing that you may be contacted by the Qube Talent team regarding future opportunities. If any job opportunities matching your saved qualifications arise in the future, you may be contacted directly.

When you register with us, your resume/CV is is saved in a general pool in the system, our recruiters may find you suitable for a position when they search for candidates in our database; however, you stand a much better chance of being considered for a role at Qube if you apply to a specific role that matches your skills and experience. You may send your CV to jobs@qubecinema.com

You can subscribe to our site for notifications when a job opening that matches your interests is posted. This way you can also get an overview of the history of your applications and information on all job openings.

Please note you can proceed with your application only if you confirm your e-mail address first and thereby complete your registration.

Yes you can change your e-mail address in your candidate profile, but please note that if you change your e-mail address you will have to use this new e-mail address when logging into your candidate profile the next time.

Any changes you make to your candidate profile will take immediate effect and be incorporated into previous and pending applications.

We will send out a confirmation to the e-mail address that you have provided in your profile. This e-mail is automatically generated and will reach you within minutes of submission.

If your application meets our initial criteria, you will progress to the next stage of our selection process. You will then be contacted by email or telephone by our Talent team to discuss the next steps in selection - likely to include confirmation on whether you have been short-listed for an interview, and verification processes. Your profile will also be retained in our recruiting database for possible matches against future open positions.

If your application does not meet our initial criteria, you will not be considered further for that specific job. However, your profile will be kept in our recruiting database. If a match should occur between your profile and future open positions, you will be notified by email and invited to return to our website to apply.

After submitting your application to a job you should receive an email confirming that your application has been received. If, you have still not received the email confirmation:

  • check that you submitted to the job using the correct email address and that there were no misspellings
  • check your junk email or spam email folder in case it has been misdirected there
Request a new password here or alternatively click "Password Forgotten" on the login screen and enter that e-mail address you submitted when registering. Within a few minutes you will be sent a new temporary password. You will need to change this password the next time you log on.

You can deregister/close the profile of your choice in your Candidate Profile, but please note that any applications you may have submitted with the profile that you close will have to be submitted again. If you have previously chosen to release your profile in the candidate pool, your profile will no longer be accessible to recruiters and you will need to release it again in the profile you choose to keep. For the de-registered profile, the data in this profile will no longer be accessible to you.

This is possibly because you have already registered with us using this email address To resolve the problem, simply click on "Please click here to log in" and log in using your e-mail address and password. If you don’t know your password you can request a new one by clicking on the “Password Forgotten” link. Within a few minutes you will be sent a new temporary password. You will need to change this password the next time you log on.

Yes, you can upload a resume / CV containing pictorial characters such as your photo, logos. Please ensure that the file type is either PDF, Word (doc, docx), Notepad.

The maximum size limit for each file is 128MB. Please note you may attach multiple files.

Attachments must be in one of the following formats: MS Word (doc), Word 2007 (docx), Portable Document Format (pdf), Power Point (ppt), Power Point 2007 (pptx), Excel (xls), Excel 2007 (xlsx). Please ensure that you do not upload password-protected files.

IE10 and higher
Firefox 16 and higher
Safari 9 and higher
Chrome 23 and higher

To ensure a smooth application process using the Internet Explorer 9, please change into the compatibility mode by clicking on the appropriate button next to the address bar.

We prefer candidates to apply for roles online. However, if you are unable to do so via our system, please email us at jobs@qubecinema.com and we will advise you of what to do next.

Application Process Faq's

We evaluate the qualifications of the applicant and compare these with the requirements of the job, with the goal of finding the most suitable candidate. The final hiring decision is reached by looking at all the available inputs: CV, letters, references, interview outcomes, and assessment results.

We try to get back to applicants within a few days, but please bear with us if it takes a little longer to respond.

As one of the early steps in the recruitment process, we ask all our applicants to complete standardised assessments. However these assignments are only applicable for specific job positions. Request you to check with our Talent team for details.

The purpose of the first interview is to develop a good understanding of your personal qualities, skills and experience as well as what motivates you. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about us and our culture, so that we can jointly evaluate how you will thrive within Qube.

In the second interview, you will most often have the opportunity to meet the manager of the position for which you have applied. In some cases, the step may involve an assessment. The managers you meet will be interested in hearing more about you as a person, as well as your professional achievements and ambitions, and how you see yourself in the role for which you have applied.

Qube as a matter of practice, does not charge any application, processing or training fee at any stage of the recruitment process. If you encounter vacancy announcements with our name on it, requesting payments of any kind, these are fraudulous. If you have questions as to vacancy announcements you may have received, please refer to this website, and to the contact details provided in our website.

The entire recruitment process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks, although this can vary depending on geographic location.

If you have further questions, you can address these to our recruiter or get in touch with us directly at any point of the process.