Asian Cinemas and Qube Cinema to expand footprint of EPIQ Premium Large Format across South India

Partnership to bring 10 EPIQ screens across Telangana and Karnataka in two years.
Published on Friday, June 21, 2024


Qube Cinema and Asian Cinemas have entered a partnership to set up 10 screens of the premium large format cinema EPIQ, across key cities in Telangana and Karnataka within the next two years. This alliance underscores the long-standing partnership between the two companies and expands the footprint of EPIQ in key cities across South India. 
EPIQ brings back the grandeur of the big screen with a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screen, plush ambiance and stadium seating, with every seat optimized for the best viewing experience. The state-of-the-art technologies that make EPIQ the best PLF experience include Barco 4K RGB laser projection, Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio, a 1.9 screen aspect ratio that is optimized for both scope and flat movies with razor sharp images, higher brightness, increased contrast, and a wider colour gamut. Qube Cinema creates specially mastered DCPs specifically for EPIQ screens. Additionally, all standard DCI DCPs too can be played on an EPIQ screen. 
Speaking about the partnership, Harsh Rohatgi, Chief Executive Officer, Qube Cinema said “We have installations of EPIQ in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Through this partnership, we will cover entire south India. So far, we have supplied close to forty specially mastered Indian DCPs to these screens. The format is being celebrated by filmmakers and audiences alike. We have been a strategic tech-integration partner to Asian Cinemas for all their theatres across Telangana. This partnership to expand the footprint of EPIQ across south India happened organically since Qube and Asian Cinemas align on the conviction of giving audiences a premium viewing experience in theatres.” 
Bharat Narang, Director, Asian Cinemas said “EPIQ has been receiving phenomenal response from the film fraternity and audiences. Through this partnership, we wish to bring this format to the movie buffs of Telangana and Karnataka. This gives us the pride of furthering the growth of India’s own premium large format.” 
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