Qube Wire introduces WireLink for direct, secure, and authorized DCP transfers

Aspera style DCP links from Qube that offer improved benefits to an array of clients
Published on Thursday, April 4, 2024

Los Angeles, USA, April 4, 2024: Qube Wire introduces WireLink. If you thought that Aspera is the only method of moving DCP files without a direct connection, think again. Qube’s WireLink moves DCP content around the world, and it does so with more security and without a long-term commitment plan.

WireLink facilitates the delivery of digital cinema content to more theatres in more countries around the world. It is a convenient and secure way to deliver content to locations that are challenging to reach through existing physical, satellite, and electronic delivery methods. WireLink surmounts infrastructure and geographical challenges to deliver content securely. WireLink does not require specialized hardware at the theatre or downloading a third-party service to download the Digital Cinema Package. WireLink works alongside the Qube Wire installed network and enhances the fastest growing electronic delivery service in the world.

WireLink can be requested and sent via email or ordered through Qube Wire's exhibitor portal and sent to verified recipients according to the distributor’s instructions. These links come with additional security features and the added benefit of being specially tailored to digital cinema workflows. Thus, they will reduce time and workload for distributors and exhibitors alike. WireLink also allows the distributor to be able to send and monitor WireLink within their current Qube Wire portals.

“We continuously explore new ways to support our clients and work with them to ease their pain points. WireLink will help distributors avoid uploading into third-party services which may result in show losses due to a mismatch of DCP assets. Now with WireLink, the DCP assets are downloaded and verified to ensure smooth playback. WireLink works with the current Qube Wire electronic network but adds extra versatility for those hard to get to areas.” said Nigel Dennis, SVP Global Sales, Qube Cinema.

To learn more about WireLink, please email us at qw-sales@qubewire.com.