The Goldenduck and Qube Wire partnership is to begin operations by the end of the year with over 60 locations electronically enabled

Qube WireTAP installed at SM Cinemas, Ayala Cinemas and Robinson Cinemas
Published on Thursday, December 7, 2023

Los Angeles, USA, December 7, 2023:

Qube Wire and Goldenduck have made significant progress in the rollout of the electronic content delivery network in the Philippines just two months since the partnership was announced. Major theatre chains in the country including SM Cinema, Ayala Cinemas and Robinson Cinemas will be a part of the Qube Wire network. Installations at ten locations have been completed and the team will cover installations in 60 locations by the end of the year. Connecting theatres to Qube Wire’s cloud delivery network will enable seamless distribution of content for Hollywood studios and local distributors as well.

“The combined rollout of Goldenduck and Qube Wire will herald speed of delivery, convenience in operations, and wider accessibility of international as well as regional content. Our clients are already beginning to appreciate the benefits,” says Sittiporn Srisanguansakul, CEO of Goldenduck Group.

The Qube Wire cloud delivery platform is well known throughout the world for its market-leading ease of installation, operation, and support. Qube Wire has enabled content delivery directly to theatres equipped with the WireTAP device. Strong on-field presence coupled with 24x7 remote support and product innovativeness makes the Goldenduck-Qube partnership the preferred choice of exhibitors for electronic delivery solutions.

The theatre chains have appreciated the benefits and advantages of installing Qube Wire as expressed by Louie Asombrado, Operations Manager at Alaya Cinemas, “We can track our content and download keys from our web portal. That simplifies our operations a great deal. Additionally, we now get content in a matter of hours rather than days after it has been sent. The hassle of logistic coordination has been eliminated.”     

Qube Wire is an innovative, secure, and efficient content delivery platform for movie theatres.  It helps both distributors and theatres streamline their operations. Multiple major studios have certified this delivery system, and all major studios use the network in some way around the world. The Qube Wire support team is ready 24/7 to answer questions and provide specialized information.

“Our goal is to improve the content delivery process as much as possible for our customers.  We are proud to bring this innovation to new countries like the Philippines.  We are proud of our partnership with Goldenduck and we look forward to helping Hollywood studios and independent filmmakers reach audiences in the Philippines.” Mark Waterston, Executive Vice President, Qube Wire.