Mega Filem Enterprise and Qube Wire partner on electronic content delivery

Mega & Qube will install and operate an electronic delivery network across movie theatres in Malaysia & Brunei
Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Qube Cinema is pleased to announce a partnership between Mega Filem Enterprise, Malaysia’s leading digital cinema service provider and Qube Wire, the world’s leading electronic delivery platform. Mega Filem Enterprise and Qube Wire will operate a content delivery network serving all cinemas in Malaysia and Brunei. Qube Wire’s global cloud delivery platform is known for its ease of installation and operation. It provides a secure, efficient way to deliver content and keys for less money. Already the two companies have connected more than 80 theatres with a fast and robust electronic connection. Another 40 theatres are scheduled for installation in the next two months.

“This partnership is at the frontier of knowledge and with Qube Wire’s vast global network delivering innovation to the industry, we remain committed to our growth initiatives and continue to build long-term value for our respective customers,” says Yap Mun Yue, CEO of Mega Filem Enterprise.

Qube Wire is a market-leading electronic content delivery platform that is unsurpassed in its security features. All major studios have assessed and ratified this delivery system, and they all use the network in some way around the world. Qube Wire’s simple but comprehensive user interface helps distributors manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for their content, and deliver their Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) to movie theatres. Additionally, theatres can manage their own digital cinema device details, download KDMs, and access details about all of the movies they are showing via their individualized web portal, all for free. The Qube Wire support team is ready 24x7 to answer questions and provide specialized information.

Commenting on this partnership Mark Waterston, Senior Vice President - Qube Wire, said “We have been so impressed with the knowledge and skill of the Mega Filem team. We are honored that they would choose us as their partner for this important region.”